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Interior design is kinda one of my favorite obsessions. Basically, I just like to look at all the pretty homes. I’m the kind of person who likes it ALL. Which can be a bit difficult when it comes to designing your own home, ha. I would say my style is, whatever makes me happy style… is that a thing? Just a mix of modern/comfy/orange/old/new…

ANYWOO, I thought I’d share my living room and how I store toddler toys so that they don’t take over my living area but Levi can still be a kid and have his toys around! The first picture below is basically Levi corner. I keep his toys in the ivory ottoman and the bottom drawer of the A-frame shelf unit. He also gets the bottom shelf…which I totally remind to anyone who has shelfs, give one to the baby! It’s that or nothing on the shelf at all… I also keep some of his smaller toys in the small credenza on the other side of the fireplace. To me, that is more than enough space for a 1 1/2 year to have his toys. (He also has some in his room… and we do have a basement/family room sooo yeah thats enough! But this is my way to make me happy and have a non cluttered house.


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Environmental Nature Center

Having a kid is the best excuse to act like a kid and to just explore 😉 Levi makes life so much more fun!

OK, so on to what we did… we went to the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach. I didn’t really look it up so I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised… it was so cute! It has these easy trails that are perfect for 1 1/2-year-old or even a baby in a carrier. I wouldn’t recommend a stroller though, just FYI. There were stairs and little hills. I just kinda let Levi roam and lead the way. There were little streams and bridges, & picnic benches.  While we were there, there were some other kids (maybe 4-9 yrs old) fishing and actually catching crawfish! Pretty cute. There’s also a butterfly house. There weren’t a bunch of butterflies but it was still fun. There is also a little museum to show the plants and animals in the area… one of the volunteers was holding a king snake so we could touch it. So, in conclusion I would definitely go back 😉 And i think Levi would like to too!

IMG_8575.JPGIMG_8567.jpgIMG_8564.jpgIMG_8559.JPGI’d say Levi stay there let me take your picture, and he’d sit down LOL.



Fun for Toddlers


Summer is here! I love summer buuutt I also don’t like it. The only thing I don’t like is everywhere gets crowded and it’s hot, LOL. But I can be optimist 😉

I have decided this summer at least once a week I want to take Levi somewhere fun. So the past week we went to a Pioneer Road Park. This park is SO cute. It’s a western theme with covered wagons. And also has a splash pad that opens after Memorial Day.  We went last summer too but Levi is obviously older now and I thought he’d have a better time… he didn’t really know what to think LOL. He liked just watching all the other kiddos go crazy for the water and having snacks.Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 2.17.58 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-12 at 2.18.31 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-12 at 2.18.45 PM.pngIMG_8597.JPG



Mothers Day

We took Levi on his first Palm Springs trip 😉 (Travis’ too!) It’s so close to us so it’s a nice little getaway. We’re the type on people who when we go somewhere, we like to do outdoor activities…and we don’t do to well in big crowds. BUT we went on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and yes it was crowded to take the tram but after that it wasn’t too bad. And we had fun. It’s one of those things (to us) that yeah, that was cool, I’m glad we did it now we don’t ever need to do it again, lol. Levi was a good boy especially with no nap. Again I was super nervous about night and how Levi would sleep…we brought his pack N play and put it in the bathroom (yes, yes I know BUT it worked as a “quiet space” for him. And we had his sound machine and he totally was fine and slept through the night! It was amazing! So I totally recommend if traveling with a toddler and they don’t have suites or those are stupid expensive just book one with a big bathroom 😉 Wstayed at the V Hotel.  It was cute. I was nervous at first because they put us on the pool party side, but it wasn’t too crazy. Also, just FYI if you upgrade to a “patio” it’s not like a nice fenced patio. It’s just a space that has a cute chair and a screen on either side to make it closed off. Was kinda a bummer ONLY because when I booked it I wanted a patio Levi could like play on and not run away lol. But we still liked the hotel. 😉

IMG_8077IMG_8089IMG_8093IMG_8148IMG_8101IMG_8135IMG_8129IMG_8140IMG_E8145IMG_8179IMG_E8162IMG_E8167Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 2.28.14 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-10 at 2.28.44 PM


Zion National Park

My girlfriend Alicia, Levi(my son) and I took a spontaneous trip to Zion back in February. I was nervous at first…just with that long road trip from Orange County to Utah with a one year old. And with another person. And how would Levi sleep at night. Just the usually worries of a mom leaving on a trip with a child.  He actually did so good on the drive. We made a couple stops along the way to help break up the drive, which was good for all us. We stopped at the seven magic mountains in Las Vegas. Which was a super cute, fun, & crowded stop. I also had loads of snacks and Sesame Street playing on the iPad.

Zion is so pretty. If you’ve never been I would definitely recommend going. We did a few mellow hikes. I would love to go back and hike angels landing…my girlfriend actually went by herself! My husband I and went by in October and we did the Narrows hike. Which was Amazing! (and cold) So I recommend that hike for sure! We had to rent the waders and boots because it was too cold to just trek through with nothing. Although there were a lot of people doing it in shorts and tanks (crazies! LOL) I am also a HUGE baby in the cold, sooo there’s that.

I think Levi had fun, my friend and I had fun. And I would totally do it again. SO any mama out there, don’t be afraid to just to a bonsai trip. It was hard at times, especially with no nap :/ which equals no down time for me….but I would do it again. Ha. It was definitely an adventure!















To New Beginnings

Thanks for stopping by! I’m really exciting to start sharing my stories with you! This is my space to share my daily thoughts and ideas with whoever cares to look. I’m excited to get creative and share it with you! Just a warning, I am a terrible writer. My brain is way faster than my hands. So, sorry if I don’t make sense or my sentences jumble together…

This is me and my patient husband, Travis. ❤ I’m a fiddler, always picking and touching… we’ve been together for 17 years, married for 9. I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else! We met each other in high school(high school sweethearts) and never looked back. Now we have a home, a one and a half year old and two dogs. (well one dog was mine before we got married, so he adopted one 😉 ) We live in Orange County, CA. We love the OC but also daydream of living somewhere not as crowded and with seasons.IMG_9409.JPG